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Mission Statement

To support the citizens of the Manitoba Metis Community by raising charitable funds in order to enhance their lives. This support includes the delivery of programs and services such as housing, youth, education, human resources, and economic development. 

About the Manitoba Metis Heritage Fund

The Manitoba Metis Heritage Fund Inc. is the registered charitable organization of the Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF). The MMHF officially became a recognized Canadian charity in 1988 and continues to operate as the charitable arm of the MMF to this day. In 2007, the MMHF re-registered its name and purposes to align with the newly established mission and vision of the charity.

The MMHF follows and respects its organizational purposes set forth by its Board of Directors and as outlined in the charities corporation documents which is governed by the Canada Revenue Agency. All activities and partnerships are vetted through the MMHF purposes to ensure compliance.

At this time, the MMHF operates as a full charitable organization and, with administrative assistance from the MMF, is able to support third party organizations and qualified donees in their goals to support the Manitoba Metis Community.

Meet our Board of Directors

Andrew Carrier

Board Member

Denise Thomas


John Fleury

Board Member

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